• Corine was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. After having her first son, she migrated to Jamaica to live with her family, where she still resides for the past 20 years. She travels back and forth between Trinidad and Jamaica and loves to travel to other countries to explore different cultures and cuisines.

    She has a passion for all things Latin especially dancing. Her favorites being Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba. Music is in her blood coming from the islands.

    Corine is an Award Winning Author, Speaker, Coach and Consultant. She comes from a creative background, drawing and painting and sold some of her works in art galleries. 

    Corine is the proud mother of two wonderful sons. In her free time, you can find her dancing, writing, enjoying the movies, spending time with friends, reading or meditating. 


  • I first met Corine La Font at an industry conference a few years ago, and from that first meeting, I knew that Corine was the bright light in every room she walked into. Her charm, her compassion, her wit-they all draw you to her so that you can listen, learn and grow from whatever message she shares. I recently had the great pleasure of attending one of Corine's online webinars, and the talent she has for speaking and sharing her brilliance was simply refreshing! The topic of her presentation was very timely for me. It was about stepping back in order to take a leap forward. It changed my whole way of thinking about a particular situation I was facing. Corine is a wonderful speaker; engaging, enchanting and entertaining! I highly recommend her as a speaker for any entrepreneurial group, women's group, or other gathering where knowledge and inspiration are the goal!

    Marilyn Stafford, President & Virtual Client Care Specialist

  • Corine La Font hosted the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) coffee chats with humor and proven business strategies to achieve success. She is especially great at guiding new virtual assistants (VAs) to think outside. She helps new business owners think of ways to use the resources in their area to build profitable business relationships. Corine teaches with humor and fun always demonstrating that putting forth maximum effort can be joyous. IVAA new members and aspiring VAs benefited from Corine’s expertise and coaching style.

    Electra Ford, Owner

  • When I hear Corine speak on the IVAA Coffee Chats and on her online Radio Show, she gets my attention and motivates me to be my best. She’s has a powerful speaking voice that moves you take action in your business. She is that someone in my network that when I think I’m stuck or have no direction her suggestions and experience puts me back on track to move forward.

    La Tina Starling