• Have you ever found yourself attending a seminar or workshop and after the event nothing happens? You just go back to your old ways and in retrospect, you wonder what the hell happened after spending all that money and time?

    Well, you can’t blame anyone else but yourself and I too fall in that bracket at times but we need to do a self check and realize it’s time to stop the procrastination!

    It’s time to take the empowerment we receive and best practices learned from thought leaders and put it into action once and for all!

    At the Power Your way Forward Conference 2017 in Dallas on June 24, 2017, be prepared to take action. Star Williams, CEO and host of the annual event has made this the main focus of this year’s conference so that all attendees can leave with an action packed blueprint of the steps it takes to move through their business and personal lives towards success. Come to find out what’s holding you back, what’s sabotaging you, what’s getting in your way and power your way forward in 2017 with a cadre of women leaders across a wide array of business and personal experiences.

    Get your tickets now or for more information, reach out to Hallie Brown, my Virtual Assistant

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