• When you hear of an event named – Power Your Way Forward Women’s Conference, it seems self explanatory to me. This Conference started and hosted by Star Williams, CEO of Power Forward Women, is saying that women have a power within themselves that need to be released and the best place to do that is at this annual event to be held in Dallas on June 24, 2017.

    One day of full workshops and panellists to help all women seeking help in their personal and professional lives and business to tap into the best resources that Star has brought all in one place.

    Women like yourself will be at this event to power their way forward! No looking back, no regrets. Only solutions, empowerment and action!  Come get the blueprint, the map, the path to success from women who have been there, done that and ain’t doing it again! We have learned, we have conquered and we will be there to share our experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes, shortening the learning curve and getting to success even faster than we did! How about that?

    If we had this opportunity that you have now, we would have been further ahead. So don’t miss this event It’s one day out of the 365 days of your life. It’s worth the investment of both time and money. You are worth it!

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