• Aren’t you tired of making excuses and putting yourself on the back burner? You put your children first, the husband first, the family first, even friends first! Now it’s time for you!

    Step into your greatness for 2017 with The Power Your Way Forward Women’s Conference (#PYWFConf2017) being held in Dallas, June 24, 2017. A one day event packed with international speakers who will be bringing their A Game and living up to the quality experience of past events, hosted by CEO, Star Williams.

    This year features a cadre of speakers headlining the event, including me of course, so come out and support not only me, but the event and fellow speakers and let’s learn from each other.

    In as much as the perception out there that women look to cut each other’s throat, let’s put that perception at rest once and for all and show the rest of the world that we are powerful women and we rise above those rumours and negative vibes!

    Women are leaders in the home, church, communities and now we take our place in business. Let’s get it!

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