• No one likes starting over. Especially when lots of time, effort, energy and emotions went into it and you think you did your best. Sometimes your best as they say is not good enough. I want to ponder on that for a moment and respond by saying that once you feel that you have given your best in any situation, then it is good enough! However, if you have to start over, then just dust yourself off and look upwards and ahead and say “bring it on!”.

    What’s the alternative?

    Wallow, cry, succumb to your injuries, pride and shame? I don’t think so. It will only dig you deeper in a place you really don’t want to go.

    No one is saying that it will be easy but think of it this way. You have a blank slate to determine where and how you want to go and best of all you can learn from the past so you know what worked, what didn’t, what you want to change and what you want to keep. Consider it a new adventure, a new journey filled with exciting opportunities ahead and just embrace what comes with it – good or bad. You have been there; done that and so you now have the mindset to see before you really see, to feel, before the feelings really hit you and to act before you are required to.

    Starting over can be scary. Yes, but let the fear push you to move forward, to progress and to discover new things about yourself that you would probably have never found out because you were so comfortable before. Get to really know what you are made of. Get to know what you really want and don’t want and no compromises this time around. Set standards, live up to them and ensure those around you respect them or move on.

    I remember when I was working on a document and my creative juices was flowing, I was on a high and the piece I was working on, it could have been a report or proposal or something like that but the one thing I didn’t do was save and to make it worse lights went just when I thought of saving when I was already far gone into writing. Now, this happened to me more than once so clearly back in the day it took me a while to learn my lesson.  Of course, all my data and information was lost. No way of getting it back. I was livid! I was scared as time was spent and now time was gone; can’t get it back and a deadline to meet.

    What could I have done? Well, I could have spent time getting more livid and wasted more time getting all emotionally entangled or just gather up my thoughts and get my bearings back and start over again which in hindsight, turned out to be the best thing as the final piece worked out to be better than the first. All the long winded sentences now became shorter to the point sentences. I became more exact and focused.

    This is what happens when you start over.

    You become more focused, to the point and exact. No more wasting time. So while in that moment of despair of losing it all and this can mean financial loss, loss of a loved one, personal relationship, car, house or even a document you are working on; starting over just requires you to take a few minutes, gather your thoughts, get your bearings and know within yourself that you already have the knowledge and power within you; so stand firm, watch fear and the unknown in the face and say ‘BRING IT ON!’

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