• Herein lays ‘Your Time’ better known as ‘Proscrastination’. Many times he came to visit and while you may have wanted to send him away, you accommodated him with coffee, tea or wine and even pastry and some good music. On many occasions, you both enjoyed watching TV or hanging out at the clubs. Yes, Your Time has lived well. He felt good when he visited and when he left, though he may have overstayed his time too often, it didn’t seem to bother you, so he kept coming by.

    You wondered if you should take control of Your Time and even spoke to other friends and colleagues who you see are passing you by, achieving success and they have no more special gifts than you. Your friends made suggestions but you fell off the wagon on attempts to control Your Time because Procrastination seems to help you facing the fears you have in your mind, though not justified.

    You look around and see others speaking about the death of their time and so you realise you are not alone but somehow you don’t like the feeling of this company you keep. Something feels off. You follow them to one of their meetings and realise that you share a lot in common.

    You spent a lot of Your Time watching TV

    You spent a lot of Your Time on Social Media and crawling the web

    You spent a lot of time not setting goals, writing your thoughts when you day dream and so those are missed opportunities

    You spent a lot of Your Time at the club because you wanted to stay in the clique and keep the friends that you don’t feel happy around and they are not going anywhere – like you

    Upon hearing all these stories and of course relating to and sharing your own, you decided this cannot continue but it will be an uphill battle because Procrastination over years of coming by, won’t allow you to have it easy in letting him go. After all, you have built a relationship that left you in the same place TOGETHER for the last few years. Right? So why change that now?!

    As a member of that society on a number of occasions, for I speak from experience, you just have to face Procrastination in the eye (meaning you look at yourself in the mirror) and make the decision and say aloud to yourself. My time is MINE! Not YOURS! And I am taking back control of MY TIME!

    Doesn’t saying that feel good? Oh yes!

    Don’t let Your Time be the death of you, your dreams, goals and business. Take control now or keep looking at your other friends who started where you are or even worse and are passing you by.

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