• I was in a meeting recently where I was asked that question. It’s a question that I have been asked several times by different types of people and under various circumstances. It could have been in a job interview, at a speaking engagement, a social networking event or just hanging with friends. The thing is people pick up my energy and drive almost immediately. If you are aware of yourself and what’s going on around you, it would be easy to pick up the energy I bring to a room and group of people.

    I pick it up from others as well and when two persons with the same or similar type of energy meet, it can be a force to be reckoned with to say the least. If you watch how animals behave, it’s like two alphas in the room. One will have to submit eventually. Now, that’s for another discussion.

    Coming back to the question; where do I get the motivation? I am internally driven. It may not be with all things; as some things I am not as consistent as I should be and with others I am so consistent and determined, I am focused and consumed. That may sound like it’s a bad thing but it isn’t at least for me most of the times, especially when you know what you want. Of course, there are some things that you want that are not good for you that you go for with that focus and drive and you end up hitting a wall. But why pursue, why continue?

    I came upon a piece of writing that made it all clear for me. I spent some time sitting at someone’s desk recently as a substitute while she was on leave. I swear, I was meant to be there.

    In response to the person who asked me the question, this was my response in a nutshell…

    In life, you are placed in circumstances that you wouldn’t understand in the moment or even at the time. Some are not by your choice but you have to follow through and go with it anyway.

    I referred to the story of Moses who was brought up under riches by the Pharaoh for 40 years and then he was called to be a Shepherd by God for the next 40 years. At age 80, God required Moses to take his people out of Egypt. He refused, found excuses, did everything to ignore, avoid and even said no to God. You know better than to say no to God right? He will get under your skin if you are chosen to do something!

    God was preparing Moses to know his enemies, those he slept and lived and ate with – The Kings and Pharaohs. He took him down to a Shepherd level  to show him what living a humble and lowly life is about. Now he knew both sides. Now he can relate to both sets of people. Now he could do what he was meant to do.

    What motivates me? Getting up every morning and not knowing what God has in store for me! What circumstances would he place me in? Who will he allow me to meet today? What thoughts and ideas will he place in my mind to act on? What opportunities will he put in my way to see? What lessons he wants me to learn?

    What’s the bigger picture here? What we cannot see. We are unable to see the future. We may have some idea based on our dreams and goals and desires but we don’t know for sure and we press on believing, trusting and going in faith.

    I am motivated each day as I live in anticipation of what it is come and for the day that God tells me this is my job and I will be so ready and prepared for it.

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