• It was a mere 16 years or so ago when I was pursuing my post graduate degree and I envisioned not working for anyone but myself from a virtual environment. I even wrote my final paper on it!
    Back then, it was unheard of to want to work from home, yet even further from thought was working virtually. What did that mean? No one knew but I did. I knew back then, 16 years ago that I wanted a global business and that I could work anywhere in the world making money. I don’t think the internet was as savvy as it is today but it did exist and I believed that one day very soon that people will be searching for a better way to live and work, to have the flexibility and autonomy they desire and especially to spend the time with family, especially mothers who wanted to care for their children at home.
    Working from home was seen as something lazy people do as you won’t be controlled by an alarm clock and the lack of knowledge surrounding such a possibility, much less a burgeoning industry, was incomprehensible. How will you be paid? Who will be your boss? (As if you absolutely need one), How many hours will you work? Do you really work? Who do you work for? Who will check your work to make sure it is done well? Who will micromanage you? Who will tell you what to do, when and how? And the list goes on….
    It took some doing; the research that is, for my final paper. There was hardly any information available about working virtually but more to do with telecommuting at the time. Telecommuting was just giving rise and that involved working from home on some days and working in office on the remaining days. Yes, some sort of flexibility was given and some persons took it but it was new and still to be understood for most employers lacked the control they normally met out to employees on a daily basis.
    At the time, I do remember, that flexi- working week was the talk at the time from a governmental level. It’s been 16 years and I still don’t know where that discussion has reached and the results but from observation, it just ended up in file 13 as with most things that have to benefits workers/employees.
    Fast forward to 2017; working from home virtually is not only accepted but prevalent. In 2010, I made the leap to start my virtual business after discovering that there are associations and groups online that offer help in getting started. It was long in coming and I was super excited! I didn’t hesitate in joining an international association- The International virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) and got involved to the point where I became a volunteer, was a speaker at two of their online summits, was an expert of the month speaker on more than two occasions and started offering coaching to many virtual business owners across the globe by way of the coffee chats on a weekly basis!
    Who would have thought?
    That entrance led me to so many other opportunities that I am grateful for. Now working virtually has established itself as an industry that many are seeking, even the males! Though it is still heavily female based, there were one or two males when I was coaching for IVAA and it was welcoming to know that our male counterparts though in the virtual world, we prefer to call them brothers, joining us in the industry.
    The world has changed and is continuously changing. I would venture to say that I see our future in jobs as dismal; however, more enterprising people are willing to take the plunge into this industry for they seek more than a paycheck at the end of the week or month. They seek more than a one hour lunch break, 10 working days vacation leave, 5 days sick and casual leave and the only way to earn extra is to work more hours.
    Many want more flexibility and more control over their time and have decided that if they can work for others to help the “Boss”, Manager or business owner make money so that he/she can have more control over their time, then by God, they can do it for themselves too!
    This wasn’t meant to be a long post but I am so passionate about this topic, I couldn’t help myself. I see a bright future for those who recognise that they have the talent and drive to start their own virtual business and I am here to help you. Yes you reading this post!
    The first step is to get connected and keep in touch and I encourage you to do that through subscribing to my blogs and newsletters. That way you know what’s going on at the drop of a hat and make sure you whitelist my email so it doesn’t go to spam.
    Next step is to check out my webinars and coaching programs on my website. Register and subscribe. Listen to some of the advice I have given when interviewed and see if my coaching program is for you. If I coached others around the world and I got myself to this point and was able to achieve so much and still have more to go, you can learn from my experience instead of reinventing the wheel.
    2017 is the year of abundance. Abundance of prosperity, wealth, happiness and success but it is only there if you want it and want it badly enough.
    Don’t let fear hold you back for fear only leaves you in the same position you’re in now!

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