• Lemme see now. We spend money on clothes, shoes, entertainment and even on the boyfriend and husband and what returns did we get? A kiss on the cheek and a hug. While that’s appreciated and we do all those things out of love, it’s time to do some self love and invest in ourselves as women and as women in business so we can do more stuff from the heart for those we love. Makes sense?

    We don’t miss the opportunities to get the birthday and anniversary gifts but we miss out on events like these that can catapult us forward.

    I refer to the Power Your Way Forward Women’s Conference being held in Dallas on June 24, 2017 with host, Star Williams, CEO of Power Forward Women.

    For the past 6 years this event has been an annual event and a not to be missed event so if you miss this year’s event, you miss a large chunk of your life and potential success should you have invested your time for one day!

    Would you want t live in regret? Don’t think so! You just missed the early bird ticket but it’s all good. Still reserve your seat while it’s early before February 28, 2017.

    For more information on getting tickets or even sponsoring the event, reach out to my Virtual Assistant, Hallie Brown or go here and grab your tickets now!

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